Recovery of scrap metal

This company offers a global recovery service for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. All the processing is carried out at the Marconi Recycling plants in Bedizzole in the province of Brescia.

  1. Processing and trading of electric motors, waste electrical and electronic equipment, electronic circuit boards, electric cables, telephones, mobile phones, dynamos and starters.
  2. Recovery and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap.
  3. Storage of slag, dust, residues of turning, and machining of copper and zinc alloys.
  4. Collection and sorting of Teflon with 40 % and 60 % copper.

Recycling of metal materials in innovative facilities

Thanks to an innovative state-of-the-art metal materials recovery plant, Marconi Recycling is moving towards Industry 4.0. This is a very unique facility in the world, capable of converting scrap metal for the worldwide needs of industry, foundries, and steel mills.

This plant allows us to sort, separate, and crush scrap metal, which is classified according to type, material, origin, and destination.

The product of this manufacturing process, defined by insiders as “crushed”, is a very high-quality material that is delivered within a circular economy (of recycling metal materials) to foundries or refineries for melting and reuse.

MARCONI RECYCLING SRL - V. Luigi Becchetti 18/A - 25081 BEDIZZOLE (BS)
P. Iva : 03655460982 - Uri:BS - Rea: 552295 - Cap.Soc.: 10.000,00 €

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